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Gary Chapman

I was hooked on photography from the age of 14 when I bought an old Kodak 126. Through a collection of film cameras of various ages and specs, I shot everyone and everything that I could find.

After years of shooting all sorts of events and subjects for friends, I made a drastic career change, as the interest in my hobby rapidly overtook my career aspirations.

It was when I bought my first dedicated panorama camera, that was the real turning point in my photography. Then “digital” arrived and provided even greater flexibility. And more recently, high tech quadcopters or”drones” have enabled me to reach viewpoints I could have only dreamt of.

There is no greater joy than to watch the lighting change and transform the landscape in front of me.

Enjoy the view,


Classic Gallery


 About the Photographer



After leaving a career in engineering

Gary has spent the last 30 years

photographing the many and varied

sights of the Australian continent.


Completely self-taught and travelling

as often as possible, he is now based

in the Central Victorian town of

Castlemaine. His images have been

included in many books and sold

extensively for cards, calendars

and wall decor since the opening of

his first business in 1993.


This gallery of images,

of easily recognisable areas,

on and off the beaten track,

highlight Gary's ability to capture

the many moods and drama

of the Australian landscape.



Aerial Gallery


Panorama Gallery